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In Elite Coaching, you will learn to connect with your deepest inspiration and empowered resource to fulfill your purpose in chiropractic and in your life. We see the best in you and give you the tools and skills to bring out your best in yourself, your team, your patients and become an inspired leader in your community and beyond. You will create an inspired team and gain the confidence and systems that can move your practice into the growth you are seeking, while running smoothly and predictably. We believe growth and predictable systems can be easy because we have seen this result in so many clients. We care about your vision and purpose in chiropractic and in your life of what YOU want to create. We are committed to helping you reach it, while creating the most inspired lifetime patients.

There is greatness in store for you.

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“Release Your Power!”
Boot Camp 2: Park City UT

Park City, UT - January 13-15 2017

Looking to help your team get over the hump? Our Boot Camps have helped hundreds of chiropractors and their staff build motivated, productive, and successful practices.

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Over the course of 14 years Dr. Fred DiDomenico opened four successful spinal corrective chiropractic practices in three states treating over 500 to 700 patients a week.


Dr. Fred

A 1987 graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, he quickly found the philosophy of chiropractic after school and elevated his life purpose to help as many people as possible understand and live this philosophy and life style.

Since chiropractic principle is truth, he believes spinal correction was the highest, most powerful application of the principle. He believes subluxated, diseased people can become corrected, healthy and live the principle of an optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle. He endeavored to become his best with spinal correction and an inspirational leader with powerful communication, team and practice building skills to reach his vision and calling on a global scale in this life. In 14 years of practice he had 4 spinal corrective practice that were CBP based in...

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